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Mother Rising


Mother Rising Ceremony $300


If women could rediscover the sacred rituals that bind us together, we would transition as more whole individuals through our various rites of passage- birth being one whose initiation aspects have been violated and stripped of all meaning.


A Mother Rising ceremony integrates mind, body, and spirit and encircles the mother-to-be, with love and a sense of connectedness to the most important women in her life. A sacred and safe environment is created, where she can explore all the challenges, fears, dreams, and possibilities that lie before her. She is honored for giving the gift of life, and will gain a sense of power, confidence, and support that will help her rise into motherhood. The ceremony can be held in addition to the traditional baby shower or can act as an alternative.


It is performed late in pregnancy and gives the mother not only strength, but also a rich, deeply spiritual connection to the birthing process. It is a women’s-only ritual.

This service includes:


  •  A meeting to discuss your vision for the ceremony. It can also be a surprise for the mother-to-be, sponsored by friends and family.


  • Creating a guest list, designing and sending out Evite invitations.


  • Planning the event, rituals, and activities. Special extras like photography, henna tattoos, and belly casting can be arranged. Separate fees are paid to the artist.


  • Hosting the ceremony and the circle. Events usually take place at the mother’s house or the house of a friend or family member.


  • Organizing the food and refreshments. Most Mother Rising Ceremonies are potluck, but it’s always fun to have a theme.

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Art by Tamara Adams
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