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Queen's Milk- Kayla

For the second consecutive year, My Darling Doula has partnered with local nursing families, to promote a fuller, more nuanced narrative of the black breastfeeding experience. From a legacy perspective, it's important to document and tell our own stories for ourselves and as a gift to future generations. Telling our stories helps us evolve and grow beyond them; and the exposure to imagery has a profound impact on the way we view the world. We make our decisions based on so many factors, but we are not always aware of the great power that lies in what we see and how often we see it. Breastfeeding is a topic that is rarely discussed openly in both mainstream and marginalized communities. Lost

Queen's Milk- Krissy

There is a significant racial disparity in Breastfeeding rates in the United States and babies are dying because of it. From historical and health care perspectives, the inequality of Breastfeeding support for women of color is tragic. Black Breastfeeding Week is not about excluding white women or women of other races, it is about intentionally including black women. We are actively creating a space for ourselves by declaring our own stake in the breastfeeding conversation. All nursing parents need help and support to become successful in meeting their breastfeeding goals, and too many of us have been left out of the picture. Supporting Black Breastfeeding Week means we support a cultural sh

Queen's Milk- April

For black people in particular, breastfeeding offers important benefits for ailments that overwhelmingly diminish our health or cut short our lives. For example, exclusive breastfeeding is one of the only proven actions a mother can take to protect herself against the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, which affect black women at disproportionately high rates. My Darling Doula has partnered with local black breastfeeding parents from the Queen City, to celebrate and promote what is a crucial life-saving, life-affirming, and loving practice that is a part of our human legacy. Meet Queen Mother April... Name: April Drakeford Smith Gender expression (preferred pronouns)? Female Occupation:

Queen's Milk: A Celebration of Black Breastfeeders in the Queen City

Dear Charlotte, NC, Checkout all of this #BlackGirlMagic!... You should be proud!! Our #BlackBreastfeedingWeek Celebration, #QueensMilk was a huge success! It was such a treat having Certified Nurse-Midwife and Black Breastfeeding Week Co-founder Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka as our Guest Speaker... her valuable contributions and dedication, to black mamas, is greatly appreciated. To our generous sponsors Baby+Co (Charlotte, NC), Leading Lady, Loving Moments by Leading Lady, Preggie Pops US, Musa Moon, LLC, Bellies and Babies, Brauxiliary Band, I extend my sincerest gratitude. And last, but certainly not least, A Million THANK YOU'S to all of the beautiful Queen mamas that attended. Thank you for h

Queen's Milk- Petrischa

Today marks the beginning of Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25th- 31st). Now in its fifth year, Black Breastfeeding is designed to strengthen cultural pride and raise awareness of the nuanced challenges of "breastfeeding while black". Here in Charlotte, NC, Mayor Jennifer Roberts has signed a Proclamation making August 25th-31st officially Black Breastfeeding Week! Black women face the most complex challenges in breastfeeding support. At their peak, both the initiation rate and the duration rate in black families has been lower than the rates in white families for more than four decades, although they are improving. Low birth weight, preterm deliveries and maternal complications such as pr

Queen's Milk: A Celebration of Black Breastfeeders in the Queen City

It's official... Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, has just signed our Proclamation request, making August 25th-31st, officially Black Breastfeeding Week, here in the QC! Come be a part of the community conversation and celebration, as we bring awareness to the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding, within the black family. If you've breastfed/ chestfed your baby, toddler or big kid, come #betonblack and lift them up with us!