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NOIR: an exploration in breastfeeding while black- Alexis

"Breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development."

Today marks the beginning of Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25th-31st). Black Breastfeeding Week was created to strengthen cultural pride, and raise awareness of the nuanced challenges, of “breastfeeding while black”.

For more than four decades, the initiation and duration rates of black breastfeeding families have been significantly lower than the rates of white families. Low birth weight, preterm deliveries, and maternal complications, such as preeclampsia, are all higher in black women. Nationally, the Infant mortality rate is more than twice that of white babies. Breastfeeding and its important benefits, can help all babies, but for the most vulnerable, breastmilk is a critical component in ensuring a healthy, thriving, start to life.

In honor of this year’s BBW theme, “Oh what a joy”, My Darling Doula has partnered with local breastfeeding parents from our community, to celebrate and promote what is a crucial lifesaving, life affirming, loving practice, that is a part of our human legacy.

Name: Alexis

Gender expression (preferred pronouns)? Female/she

Occupation: SAHM

Age of child? 7 weeks

What made you choose to breastfeed? My mother breastfed me.

How long have you been breastfeeding? 7 weeks

What do you like most about breastfeeding your child? The bonding breastfeeding provides for my son and I is indescribable.

What challenges have you faced during your breastfeeding journey and how have you overcome them? My supply was not keeping up with my sons demand so I saw a lactation consultant who assisted me with creating a pumping schedule. I ended up supplementing with breastfeeding to ensure my son thrives

What has breastfeeding taught you? Breastfeeding has taught me to rely on myself. I realized that each journey is individualized and its up to me to make my experience my own. In the midst of pumping one morning I realized that not only could I breastfeed but I would breastfeed. I chose to set a long term goal but vowed to take it day by day. There was a lot that I didn't know as a first time mom but the majority of what I didn't know was instinctively given to me by the universe. I am determined to do my best, nourish my son, and be successful at breastfeeding by my own terms.



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