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NOIR: an exploration in breastfeeding while black- Shanice

One of the things I love most about this strange village of parenthood, is that no two parents share the same journey. Depending on who you ask, childbirth is empowering or horrifying. Newborns are endearing or torturous. Two-year-olds are pull-your-hair-out maddening or completely fascinating. Breastfeeding is just one chapter of this incredible story.

My Darling Doula has been privileged to partner with local breastfeeding parents, in a collaborative effort, to share what breastfeeding looks like through their eyes.

Name: Shanice

Gender expression (preferred pronouns)? Female

Occupation: Homemaker

Age of children? 2 week old twins

What made you choose to breastfeed? I chose to breastfeed because it's healthiest for my children.

How long have you been breastfeeding? I've been breastfeeding since they were born but I breastfed my two oldest as well.

What do you like most about breastfeeding your child? What I like most about breastfeeding is the bonding experience. It's also convenient.

What challenges have you faced during your breastfeeding journey and how have you overcome them? Challenges I've face is creating a solid routine. I feed them whenever they seem to be hungry. I've learned to listen to their needs; every time they cry, they're not hungry.

Do you feel like you have a supportive community around you? I feel like I have the support of certain family members, but I'm not sure about my community.

What has breastfeeding taught you about yourself? Breastfeeding has taught me that I'm patient and that I go against the grain.

models: Shanice, baby Harmony Louise, & baby Brandyn Orlando photographer: My Darling Doula​


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