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Queen's Milk: Celebrating Black Breastfeeders in the Queen City

My Darling Doula proudly presents our 3rd annual Black Breastfeeding Week Celebration! "This year we're focused on bringing innovation and creativity to the black breastfeeding experience. Our end game: liberation! Freedom from systemic racism, historical trauma and cultural barriers as we envision and design a new shared future for black mothers and babies. This is Black Breastfeeding 2.0 and the world is yours!"

Thank you to Mayor Vi Lyles, for signing the proclamation request, making August 25th-31st officially Black Breastfeeding Week, here in the QC!

Come be a part of the community conversation and celebration, as we honor the breastfeeding journey, increase visibility & foster a supportive nursing community for Black parents.

This is a free event! There will be light refreshments, giveaways, resources, and community building!

If you're interested in sponsoring, donating or volunteering, please complete this form.



Fametta Darling

Certified Holistic Doula

Tel: 704-255-5132

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